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Colette Mendenhall, MBA


As president, Colette Mendenhall contributes to the smooth running of the company and its growth by identifying promising niche markets, developing an offer aimed at them and ensuring its marketing. Before becoming the principal shareholder at Assurart, she worked for one of the major brokerage firms in Quebec as its vice president, involved in strategic planning and marketing. She brings some 20 years of experience to the group.

Colette holds an MBA from Cornell University (USA) and Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario). She also has a BA from the University of Ottawa in political science and economics. In addition, she completed a certificate in marketing from McGill University (Montreal, Quebec). She holds the title of Damage Insurance Broker, and Advisor in group-insurance plans.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 Ext. 273

Pierre Chouinard, LL.L, C.I.B.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Pierre Chouinard first became a broker in 1962. He works at ASSURART as its team mentor. Throughout his career, Pierre Chouinard owned a brokerage firm, then was the president of Gérard Parizeau Ltée. / Dale-Parizeau Inc., before returning to his own business, structuring a new firm known for its expertise in professional liability insurance and directors & officers’ liability insurance. His year of experience and his capacity to share his knowledge with others make him a valued member of the organization.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 Ext. 235

Ioan Nicoriciu, CRM, Shareholder

Damage Insurance Broker

Ioan works at Assurart as risk manager and broker for financial institutions, multimedia firms and high tech companies, particularly those working in the field of life sciences. Once armed with a degree in industrial engineering (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, 1997), Ioan entered the world of insurance as an inspector on behalf of various insurers. In 2003, he left Romania and moved to Quebec, where he became an insurance broker.

In 2008, he decided to continue studying and successfully completed the risk management program at McGill University. Ioan now has more than ten years of experience in specialty insurance: directors & officers’ liability, professional liability, media liability, product liability, cyber liability, infringement of intellectual property offenses.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 Ext. 257

Stella Kalogerakis, Shareholder

Damage Insurance Broker

Stella Kalogerakis is an accomplished businesswoman who achieved her first successes as a restaurant owner, following her studies in administration. She then turned to insurance and quickly specialized in risks related to media, art, and performing arts. Stella is capable of meeting all of the very specific liability, errors and omissions and property insurance needs of clients who revolve around the Entertainment, arts and culture industries. Over the years, she has helped may clients in different fields : event organization, production offices, festivals, one-off events, exhibits and fairs, film shoots, cast and crew, post-production, equipment rental, media and distribution, etc.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 Ext. 231

Michel Chouinard

Business Development

Michel was copywriter for twenty years during which he had the opportunity to work in several sectors and especially in financial services. Modest (sic) art lover since adolescence, he eagerly agreed to join ASSURART as a business development manager, happy to be able to combine his interest for art with his talent for marketing financial services.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 Ext. 234

Rachel Faucher

Project Manager

Rachel Faucher has worked as a damage insurance broker at local and national brokerage firms for over 15 years. She first managed and developed liability, professional liability and property insurance programs for several types of clients: event and festival organizers, non-profit organizations, sports federations and professional associations. She then turned to large-scale risks, counseling clients in the aviation industry, as well as pharmaceutical, IT, manufacturing, and mining clients.

Focused on teamwork, Rachel joined Assurart in 2019 as a Project Manager. Her experience and broad view of the insurance industry allow her to develop marketing tools and campaigns, offering business development support to the management team. She also develops tools and resources aimed at optimizing overall customer experience.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 Ext. 232

Pascale Rondeau, Shareholder

Damage Insurance Broker

Pascale had the opportunity and privilege to learn the profession of insurance broker in an office whose clientele consisted of high-tech companies. For over 20 years, she has developed an expertise in professional liability and directors and officers’ liability. To her expertise, add an overall interest in all things related to science & technology and an insatiable professional curiosity. Her sincerity and “joie de vivre” delight both her colleagues and clients.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 ext. 238

Joëlle Ouellet


Joëlle has an ingrained sense of organization.  Her many years of experience enable her to help her colleagues service clients from different backgrounds.  She is a great coordinator and assistant who greets clients in a warm and friendly manner and makes sure the back-office is always running smoothly.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 - Ext. 233

Johanne Jérôme

Technical Assistant

A graduate in marketing from HEC de Montréal, Johanne first developed her passion for consulting sales and customer service as a medical and pharmaceutical representative. She then pursued a career in insurance, for over 12 years, serving aviation industry clients for large brokerage firms. At the same time, having grown up in the art world and out of personal commitment, she manages of the work of artists in museums and art galleries. Combining both her insurance experience and her keen interest in the arts, it is with enthusiasm that she joined ASSURART in 2019, as a technical assistant in support of the team dedicated to the World of Arts, Music and Entertainment insurance programs. She is appreciated for her professionalism and good mood.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 x241

Nicole Malanos

Technical Assistant

New to the world of insurance, Nicole is a dedicated employee mentoring under one of our senior entertainment brokers. With a background in English literature and experience in restaurants and customer service, Nicole was looking for a new professional challenge. She joined ASSURART in 2020, through our mentorship program. While working tirelessly as a technical assistant, she is gaining knowledge in damage insurance while she also devotes her time to studying for multiple exams in the hopes of becoming a licensed insurance broker in the coming years.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 x251

Rachael Adamek

Insurance Broker

Racha has had a full career in business. Mentored by a family retail and import business for over 25 years, she opened her own boutique in 2010. In 2015, she moved to B.C. and worked as a payroll accountant on feature film productions. In 2018, she joined Claude Forest in brokering all types of insurance for many entertainment industry clients. She now plays a key role in the Entertainment, arts, and culture team. She is highly efficient and dedicated to both her colleagues and clients.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 x243

Claude Forest

Insurance Broker

Claude has spent his career in the film and television industry. He joined his family’s insurance brokerage firm after working over 15 years as a director of photography and documentary producer. His knowledge of the industry helped him develop the expertise needed to serve screen-based content producers at any budget level. To find more information on Claude’s extensive experience in the Entertainment industry, please visit the IMDB website.

Claude is instrumental in growing Assurart in Western Canada and contributing to overall corporate objectives. He works from Vancouver with a highly dedicated and efficient team. Because of ASSURART’s affiliation to Media Insurance Network (MIN), Claude can meet the specific needs of our entertainment clients internationally. His passion for the arts is contagious and his ability to share his knowledge with others makes him a valuable mentor who is greatly appreciated by all, particularly our Entertainment, arts, and culture team members.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 x253

David Mollet

Damage Insurance Broker

David has worked in different areas revolving around arts and media before becoming a damage insurance broker. After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University, he managed and produced projects for the entertainment industry, recorded an album as a songwriter and worked in television as a director. An entrepreneur at heart, he found that there was much to be developed when it came to insurance in the world of arts and entertainment. He has completed an insurance diploma and joined the ASSURART team in 2016. His knowledge and his experience as a professional in film circles, entertainment and music allows him to understand the needs of his customers, in addition to sharing in their passion.

David is the proud winner of Prix Marcel-Tassé 2016, given by the Chambre de l’assurance de dommages.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 Ext. 229

Maude Ouellet, CPA, CMA

Commercial Lines - Damage Insurance Broker

Maude has been working in the insurance field for over 15 years. Beginning her career while still in college, she holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from HEC Montreal, as well as the title of Certified Management Accountant (CPA, CMA). She first specialized in directors and officers liability insurance at its inception. Over the years, she has developed an expertise in insuring information technology and life science companies, as well as financial institutions. She has also developed specialized insurance programs for different sectors.

She joined the Assurart team in November 2014, where she is pleased to serve customers by providing a reliable and personalized service.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 Ext. 263

Mireille Poirier

Damage Insurance Broker

Involved in the arts, including the Association of contemporary art galleries in Montreal, Mireille Poirier has worked in different areas revolving around visual arts and crafts before becoming a licensed insurance broker in Ontario and Quebec.

After completing a BA in Art History at the University of Quebec in Montreal and embarking on a Masters in Art History at the University of Montreal, her knowledge and experience as a professional in the visual arts and crafts community allows her to understand the needs of her customers, in addition to sharing their passion.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 Ext. 228

Roger Solmerano, B. Com.

Commercial-Lines Damage Insurance Broker

Roger was recruited by Assurart in 2019 to work closely with the partners in a complementary role as account manager. With a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University and over 15 years of insurance experience, he is proficient in commercial insurance (property and liability), arts & entertainment (music, film, artists, special event liability, rented equipment), special risks in technology and life science (directors & officers liability, errors & omissions liability), as well as marine insurance. Roger is appreciated by both clients and colleagues for his attention to detail and professionalism.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 x237

Patrick Toupin, C.I.B.

Damage Insurance Broker

Patrick has over 20 years of experience in management, sales, and customer service, most of it, in Damage Insurance. You can count on him to get the best professional and personalized service. He completed a college education in Damage Insurance with Honourable Distinction, which earned him the Marcel-Tassé prize from the Chambre de l’assurance de dommage. Philanthropist, collector and passionate about visual arts himself, he is currently pursuing a university degree in Art History to improve his knowledge and better serve his artistic clientele.

He has been working with Assurart from its inception and continues to contribute to its development. His clients feel understood and confident in his knowledge, and do not hesitate to refer Patrick to their friends and family, which is both an honour and a great source of motivation for him.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 Ext. 264

Pierre Tremblay

Support, Art Insurance Programs

Insurance broker since 1972, Pierre Tremblay has long served customers in both residential and auto insurance, as well as commercial. Especially since 1988, he has acquired a solid reputation among visual artists and artisans. Packages he developed specifically for Public Art are the most coveted. Pierre is no longer licensed and now acts as support for our Art Insurance Programs.

He is socially involved with the American Tremblay Association (ATA), which he chaired for ten years.

Phone number: 1 833 382-9357 Ext. 283