Investment capital

Photo: Guy Lavigueur

For the past 20 years, ASSURART has been working with venture capital fund managers to provide insurance adapted to their specific needs, as well as to the companies they invest in.


Directors & Officers liability insurance

Directors & Officers liability insurance to provide protection against legal and financial damages if one of your managers or directors is sued for a perceived loss. As management roles may extend to the Board of your firm as well as to those of portfolio companies, the risk of a potential lawsuit is increased.

Errors & omissions /professional liability insurance to cover the legal costs to defend you, as well as the indemnity you are legally required to pay. Venture capital firms are at risk of being sued for mismanagement, mishandling, or bad advice.

Fraud insurance to cover financial losses due to dishonest or fraudulent acts of employees, officers or directors of your venture capital firm or of one of your portfolio companies.

Representation and warranties liability insurance to cover the legal costs to defend the seller, as well as the indemnity the seller might legally be required to pay. Unintentional inaccuracies in financial statements, accounts receivable, taxes, employee benefits, intellectual property, etc. might cause the buyer to sue for having paid a purchasing price he would not have paid had the information been accurate.

Intellectual property insurance to cover the legal costs to defend you, following a claim from a third party for having violated their intellectual property such as patents, licenses, commercial rights, copyrights, trade secrets. The Insurer would also pay the indemnity to the third party for which you are legally liable.